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In mathematics, Chebyshev distance (or Tchebychev distance ), maximum metric, or L metric is a metric defined on a vector space where the distance between two vectors is the greatest of their differences along any coordinate dimension. It is named after Pafnuty Chebyshev . It is also known as chessboard distance, since in the game of chess the minimum number of moves needed by a king to go from one square on a chessboard to another equals the Chebyshev distance between the centers of the squares, if the squares have side length one, as represented in 2-D spatial coordinates with axes aligned to the edges of the board. For example, the Chebyshev distance between f6 and e2 equals 4. The Chebyshev distance between two vectors or points p and q, with standard coordinates and, respectively, is This equals the limit of the L p metrics : hence it is also known as the L metric.

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