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by SArnab

in php


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*	The Stable Marriage Problem (
*	The stable marriage problem is the problem of finding a stable match between 2 sets of elements given a set of preferences
*	for each elements. In this example, a list of men is provided each with a preference of women. A list of women is also
*	provided, each with a preference of men. We solve this problem by iterating through all available men and engaging
*	him to the wife he most desires. If that wife is unavailable, we go to the next one. If the wife is available and she 
*	would prefer him over her current husband, we break them up.
*	@storedPreferences is used to hold a list of a man's preferences in the case he ends up back in the dating pool.
*	@engagements holds the current list of marriages.

function gale_shapely($men, $women){
	$engagements = array();
		foreach($men as $manKey => &$manPreferences){
			$preferredWoman = $manPreferences[0];
			// Is The Woman Available?
				// Engage These Two Lovely People
				$engagements[$preferredWoman] = $manKey;
				$storedPreferences[$manKey] = $manPreferences;
			} else {
				// The Lady Is Already Engadged :( ..But Would She Prefer This Man Instead?
				if(array_search($engagements[$preferredWoman],$women[$preferredWoman]) > array_search($manKey,$women[$preferredWoman])){
					// A Higher Index For The Engagement Means She Prefers Him LESS. (Preferences Are Ranked From Most To Least...Thus 0 => Most Preferred)
					// Put The Poor Guy Back Into The Dating Pool
					$newlySingleMan = $engagements[$preferredWoman];
					$men[$newlySingleMan] = $storedPreferences[$newlySingleMan];
					// Engage The New Homewrecking Guy To The Wife
					$engagements[$preferredWoman] = $manKey;
					$storedPreferences[$manKey] = $men[$manPreferences];
				} else {
					// Sorry Man..She's Happy With Her Husband

	return ($engagements);


$men = array(
	"Joe" => array("Mary","Katie","Jane"),
	"Mike" => array("Jane","Mary","Katie"),
	"Bill" => array("Katie","Jane","Mary")

$women = array(
	"Katie" => array("Mike","Joe","Bill"),
	"Mary" => array("Bill","Mike","Joe"),
	"Jane" => array("Joe","Bill","Mike")